Composers are invited to create a Symphonina and submit to our Symphonina competitions.

Guidelines for creating a Symphonina

  1. The full composition should generally be less than 10 minutes, and never longer than 12 minutes. It should be tonal rather than atonal.
  2. The composition should have three or four movements. Ideally, the format for each movement should be in a different tempo, such as allegro, adagio, allegro.
  3. The composition should feature all elements of a typical orchestra: strings, woodwinds, and brass. It may also include percussion and featured instrumental performances, as found in concertos.
  4. Keep in mind how your composition will sound and appear when performed live. For example, if your composition requires 48 violins, it will be unlikely to be performed live.
  5. If you would like to have the Symphonina Foundation endorse your composition, please contact us for details on how to send it to us for consideration.

2024 - Best Symphonina of the Year Award Competition

The submissions deadline for the 2023 Competition has passed. But now is the time to start working on your Symphonina for the 2024 Symphonina of the Year Award Competition. Composers from around the world are invited to submit their best original (unpublished) Symphonina for consideration from November 1, 2024 until 11:59pm, Pacific Time, December 1, 2024 to Dr. David Fogel at in mp3 format. Only one submission for consideration may be offered by a composer. Contestants must read and agree to the full rules of the contest.   

2023 - Best Symphonina of the Year Award Competition