2023 Symphonina Album


Introducing the Symphonina (2023)

Introducing the Symphonina is the first album released by the Symphonina Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

The album features 4 Symphoninas including the winner and runner-up from the 2022 Best Symphonina of the Year Awards Competition, Christopher Reed and Steve Locks, and also two compositions by David Fogel. 

The album features the International Symphonina Orchestra with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra. 

Meet the Artists

The compositions for “Introducing the Symphonina” were recorded live using a combination of the Budapest Scoring Orchestra (Zoltan Pad, conductor) and/or players from the International Symphonina Orchestra (David Fogel, remote conductor). The International Symphonina Orchestra was formed to produce live recordings of symphonic works from a globally diverse group of artists, providing the opportunity for young aspiring professionals to perform along with established veterans at the highest levels. 

Budapest Scoring Orchestra