Newsletter - May 2024

Hi Symphonina Fans!
It's time for our May 2024 newsletter and yes, we are late! But we have a good reason. 
We have been busy working on our main album release for this year and we are just about done! The album is titled “Advent of the Symphonina: Spreading the Joy of Symphonic Music to Young Audiences Around the World.” 
The album features the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Budapest Scoring Orchestra, and The International Symphonina Orchestra. 

Album Cover Art


Alexander Unseth, Jordan Jinosko,

 David Fogel, Daniel Fisher

The album features symphoninas from four composers:

1. Alexander Unseth's Symphonina No. 1 (Symphonina in C) as performed by the 2024 International Symphonina Orchestra (David Fogel, remote conductor), which comprises 30+ players from around the world. Alexander was the winner in our 2023 Best Symphonia of the Year Award competition.

2. Jordan Jinosko's Symphonina No. 1 (Three Sketches of Unblemished Earth) as performed by the Budapest Scoring Orchestra (Peter Illenyi, conductor). Jordan was the runner-up in our 2023 Best Symphonina of the Year Award competition. 

3. David Fogel's Symphonina No. 5, also performed by Budapest Scoring (Peter Illenyi, conductor) with David playing the featured piano part.

4. Daniel Fisher's Symphonina No. 1, recorded at Abbey Road Studios and performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra (Jan Mulder, conductor) and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (Jan Mulder, conductor), and featuring Carlos Bedoya on acoustic guitar.

The album is produced by David Fogel, Gary Gray (co-founder of The Symphonina Foundation), Daniel Fisher, and Gabriel Mulder, with David mixing and Gary mastering the tracks. We're absolutely thrilled to be able to bring this great music to you and will be submitting the album for Grammy® consideration after the streaming release scheduled for July 5, 2024. Four selected tracks have already been submitted to the 2024 Hollywood Independent Music Awards.
In addition, we will have CDs available for pre-sale starting late June and expect to have the CD release on August 16, 2024. We'll have more information on that later in June as we confirm all the specifics. 
What's more, we are planning a special event (or maybe events!) for our Symphonina Foundation subscribers, with free Zoom sneak previews of tracks from the album, along with live conversations with the composers, producers, engineers, and players! If you would like to sign up to take part in one of our free sneak preview events, please send an email to David Fogel at and just say "I want to attend the free sneak preview events for Advent of the Symphonina"!
One last thing: we will be announcing our 2024 Best Symphonina of the Year Competition later this month. The entry window will open in November and close December 10, 2024 at 11:59pm pacific time. We'll have more details in our next newsletter for you.

In the meantime, if you would like to contribute or donate in support of The Symphonina Foundation, please CLICK HERE:  The foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and relies 100% on donors, like you. 

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We always look forward to hearing from you and if you’d like to volunteer to help us, please let us know! You can email David Fogel (CEO) at

Until next time, stay tuned!!