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The Symphonina Foundation Announces the release of

 “Advent of the Symphonina.”

SAN DIEGO -- June 16, 2024

By David Fogel

Six years ago I went to a performance of the San Diego Symphony and found myself one of the youngest people in the audience. I was 54. I found this was totally unacceptable and developed an idea – the Symphonina – to help make symphonic music more accessible to younger audiences. A Symphonina is a complete symphony of 3 or 4 melodic movements that plays in about 10-12 minutes. Each movement is about the length of a typical tune we’d stream online and suitable for today’s world as attention spans grow shorter.

I started a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to promote symphonic music to young audiences around the world called The Symphonina Foundation. Along with co-founder Gary Gary, we began holding an annual composer contest for the Best Symphonina of the Year and assembled a remote orchestra – The International Symphonina Orchestra – comprising young aspiring proficient players along with established professionals, providing new opportunities for composers and players all over the globe.
Last year, we released our first album, Introducing the Symphonina, with Symphoninas from the winner and runner-up from our 2022 Best Symphonina of the Year Competition, Christopher Reed and Steve Locks, along with two of my own Symphoninas performed by the Budapest Scoring Orchestra, one featuring Chetan Tierra, former touring concert pianist. The album and indeed the entire Symphonina concept received an incredible level of support. Not only did the album receive multiple recognitions (Global Music Awards, Clouzine, World Entertainment Awards) but – and more importantly – it was heartwarming to receive overwhelming support for the idea from my fellow musicians, composers, conductors, and performers.
We held our second Best Symphonina of the Year Competition last year and I now have the distinct honor and privilege to announce the upcoming release of our new album, Advent of the Symphonina.
It features contest winner Alexander Unseth’s Symphonina No. 1 (Symphonina in C) (performed by the 2024 International Symphonina Orchestra), contest runner-up Jordan Jinosko’s Symphonina No. 1 (Three Sketches of Unblemished Earth) (performed by the Budapest Scoring Orchestra, Peter Illenyi conducting), my own Symphonina No. 5 (also performed by the Budapest Scoring Orchestra, with me playing the piano part), and Daniel Fisher’s Symphonina No. 1 (performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, recorded at Abbey Road Studios, with Jan Mulder conducting). The album is produced by Gary Gary, Daniel Fisher, Gabriel Mulder, and me, and I did the majority of the mixing with Gary performing the mastering.
It’s been an incredible joy to work on this album with everyone! We are scheduling the album streaming release for July 5, with physical CDs available mid-August. On behalf of all of the composers, the producers, the performers, the conductors, and everyone else who helped support us, we hope you love it as much as we do. Stay tuned and please visit for more information on our Foundation! – David

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The Symphonina Foundation has a mission to bring the joy of symphonic music to younger audiences around the world. The Symphonina Foundation was started in 2020, is 501(c)(3) approved, and is based in San Diego, California, USA. More information can be found at:

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