2024 Best Symphonina of the Year Prize


The 2024 Best Symphonina of the Year Prize (“The Symphonina Prize”), established by The Symphonina Foundation, seeks to recognize outstanding original Symphonina compositions. 

Submission Date: Between November 1 and December 10, 2024

Submission Fee:  $25.00

Winners Announced: Feb. 2025

First-place Prize: $2,000

Runner-up Prize: $1,000


Rules for the 2024 Best Symphonina of the Year Prize

The 2024 Best Symphonina of the Year Prize (“The Symphonina Prize”), established by The Symphonina Foundation, seeks to recognize outstanding original Symphonina compositions. 

To be considered for recognition, a submission must:

  1. be completely original to the composer or composers, created within the last two years, with the composer(s) having full rights to the composition and with all composers who contributed to the composition identified in order of contribution, and all persons contributing to sound engineering or other aspects of production also identified.
  2. be submitted to Dr. David Fogel at david.fogel@symphonina.org with a subject line of “Symphonina Prize Entry” between November 1, 2024 and 11:59pm Pacific Time, December 10, 2024. 
  3. be in mp3 format (320 kbps).
  4. conform to the guidelines of what constitutes a Symphonina. 
  5. be accompanied by a $25 submission fee.

Composers are encouraged to review “What is a Symphonina?” by clicking HERE, and to listen to the examples that Dr. Fogel has created, as well as the Symphoninas that were included in the Symphonina Foundation’s prior releases by clicking HERE. 

Submissions that do not conform to the main aspects of 1) lasting about 10 minutes, and never more than 12 minutes, 2) having multiple distinct movements (3 or 4 movements), and 3) being tonal with melodic themes, may be rejected without further review. 

Judging for The Symphonina Prize will be done by the directors, officers, and advisors to The Symphonina Foundation or their delegates. No directors, officers, advisors, or anyone who otherwise serves as a judge for the competition may enter the competition as a composer; any such person who assisted on a specific submission (for example, on sound engineering) will be asked to recuse himself or herself and pass on judging that submission. Judging will be based on the subjective opinions of the judges in terms of the quality of composition and production, as well as conformation to the format of a Symphonina and audience appeal. Composers who have an accompanying score for their work may submit the score in pdf format at the same time as they submit the mp3 and must remove any reference to their name from the score. The supporting score may be used to assess the quality of composition. The judges will assess each composition “blind” with the composer’s name(s) removed. 

Contributions to the contest will be assessed and scored by the preliminary judges. Dr. Fogel and potentially additional judges will make a final determination as to the winner and first-runner up from among all entries that the judges identify for recognition with distinction. All of the decisions by the judges are final. The judges retain the right to make no recommendation for an award (first place, second place, or recognition with distinction) should no such entry be judged suitable.

The first-place entry will receive $2000 (US) and the second-place (first-runner up) entry will receive $1000 (US). Prize money for each entry will be divided equally among the composers, who will need to provide any required tax information prior to receiving the award. The first- and second-place entries, along with all entries that are recognized with distinction will be encouraged to post their compositions in a streaming service (e.g., Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music) that can be linked from The Symphonina Foundation’s main webpage and/or other social media. The Symphonina Foundation may also place the composer’s compositions in the foundation’s SoundCloud channel for the public to access, for which the composer(s) grants the right to do so. The Symphonina Foundation reserves the right to increase the award amounts and/or add additional awards if funding permits. The judges will endeavor to have all decisions made by January 31, 2025.

All composers retain the copyrights to their submitted compositions. The Symphonina Foundation will seek to promote all of the entries that are judged to be recognized with distinction. 

By entering a submission to The Symphonina Prize contest, all composers agree to abide by the official rules and decisions as made by the judges. By entering a submission to The Symphonina Prize contest, any and all composers represent they have the right to enter such submission, and agree to grant, on a non-exclusive basis, to The Symphonina Foundation, all rights to publish any or all of composer’s submission and/or composer’s voice, likeness, image, statements or anything else otherwise submitted to The Symphonina Foundation, for the benefit of The Symphonina Foundation without any further notice, review, consent, compensation, or remuneration. By entering a submission any and all composers also grant ownership to The Symphonina Foundation for any recording of the composers’ work that is sponsored by The Symphonina Foundation.

Submissions will not be returned to the submitting composer and The Symphonina Foundation is not responsible for late, lost, damaged, or misdirected entries.  All federal, state, local, or other taxes are the sole responsibility of the winners. By participating in The 2024 Best Symphonina of the Year Prize competition, composers agree to be bound by the aforementioned rules and the decisions of the judges. The composers further agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless The Symphonina Foundation and any other promotional sponsors, each of their respective parent, affiliate, and subsidiary companies, and all of their directors, officers, employees, representatives, partners, and agents, from any liability whatsoever for any claims, demands, actions, costs, injuries, losses, liabilities, expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees), or damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with The 2024 Best Symphonina of the Year Prize competition, including but not limited to copyright infringement liability.